Monday, April 28, 2014

Week #65: "You are Helping Them Whether They Accept Your Message or Not."

First off this week is awesome!! Elder Roberts and I get along super well, like best buddies and well its been a crazy week to say the least.

I would like to start things off right by saying congrats to JACOB FOR GETTING CALLED TO AN ISLAND!!! Let's get this island thing going for the Buhlers!!! Ah man, President called me while I was riding my bike so I was kinda slowing down and still going and he is like "your brother is going to Marshall island speaking something leaving in august." Well my heart was not the only thing that flipped! Ah man, i was so pumped but the one thing about having no access to a computer is I have no idea where the Marshall islands is so I called around and found out the general area and I conclude I can come visit you for some Pdays. That's super sick though i am actually jealous ahahha. Anyways dude you will kill it.  Be a way better missionary than I was and for starters advice wise: "follow the rules." Trust me, they make you much happier.  Well besides that ahhaha highlights of the week. There's is no better feeling than to be sitting at church and all your LAS walk in. All 5 of em.  Literally it was a miracle !! We go to these guys house everyday and to see them make that big step towards this is huge.

Oh mom you will be proud of me there is a member here getting a masters in something and he is having me correct his thesis so ya i feel like a big deal.

During English class I was going and asking people what they hated and we got the typical response school, boys, etc. but ya it was an enlightened class discussion we talked about stereotypes and why researching before stating is very important ahahah. There is this old duffer named SBB and he is not ours but i still go visit him cause he is this old man with a stroke whose family never visits so I am like what the heck lets go chill with him and I sit with him at church and help him the sacrament and stuff needless to say i love this old duffer. Um had interviews this week had the shortest interview ever like 4 min. so that was fun.

Really this week has been boss.  I decided I needed to share all the fun parts about the mission but to be honest. Jacob the mission is really really hard but gosh dang it its fun too. I am in a 4 man with an Asian a boy who loves his motorcycle and a guy who is basically going to Harvard. We have a ball. You get to help people everyday . That is what makes so it much fun and worthwhile.  You are helping them whether they accept your message or not. you are helping them and you meet some awesome cool comps that you are super tight with and you learn a language . 
had to learn the hard way that being a senior sucks.  So we had a lesson dinner thing set up with a member but we had no investigator to take and if we met with them we couldn't meet with a new investigator (first time sit down) so it was not that productive then the bishop called and wanted to take us some where nice and a better time so we would be able to meet with the Investigator and meet with he bishop and get a lot of food. So I called the APs asked the opinion they agreed the bishop route was better so I cancelled on the family. I  felt awful then the investigator moves times the bishop moves times and i just cancelled on a family for no reason ahahah.  It was awfull... so I went down stairs and held a puppy.... word of advice if you need help go hold a puppy. I learned patience this week. We are working and helping this guy learn English. But ya we had a break through.  Theman whose thesis O am correcting helped us have a pieke and we got the guy to agree to have him and his family taught!!! Well that's it for now. Elder Roberts (glen ) and I (dick) are just best of friends.

Love you all. 

I tried to climb into a cabinet and I got stuck.

Elder Buhler

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