Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 62: Watch the Mormon film on Bullying.

1) Did you get to hear Conference? We listen to it this week.
2) What was the greatest thing that happened to you this week? we got up and played basketball today with the mission.
3) What challenges are your investigators facing? One of our investigators believes his Taoism saved him against cancer.
4) What yummy thing did you eat this week? Duck

Ni hao from the island nation of Haiti.... just kidding we're a little less tropical and whole lot more Asian. Well nothing this week. I have learned a lot about being humble. I  won't lie. Sometimes its super duper hard asking for help even to the guy who is my junior but I figure ya know if it will help my Chinese that what the heck might as well. It will not shock any of you to know my Chinese is not as fluent as my jive. Well so ya I am trying to be more humble. 

We had this awesome referral who beat cancer is totally willing to talk to us but believes in Taoism so we are working through that. We set 2 baptismal goals  this week so hopefully we hit them in the coming month. I had a boss exchange with Elder Brown who is one of the happiest ppl on earth.   I love him.  We talked about sports, BYU, dreams the usual. His brother pole vaults for BYU and by his words is perfect and I'm like my brother plays for BYU and is perfect. We reflected how our families are so amazing and how we both are mediocre. IIt was a fun exchange. 

I saw an awesome Mormon message about bullying that I feel the family should watch. Ya know the churches movies used to not be so good but now they are coming up with some good ones.  

I got a call from our doctor who said he does not think I need surgery i just need to tough up my arm but Sister Blickenstaff said she would send the CD. I want to get Bishop Hammond's and Dr. Rich's opinion before I started doing the pinky push ups. Saturday we had a grave cleaning activity.It was weird cause everyone wore normal clothes which was super weird. But ya I hung out with Elder Colvin and he talked about his college and told me stories. He's a funny guy. Anyways I am working hard. My companion and I are working on companion unity.

kirk out,

Elder Buhler

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