Friday, April 18, 2014

Week 63: God Finds You

Niaho everyone! This week has been crazy!!! Conference was crazy because honestly it answered every question that I ever asked. Well at least while I have been on my mission. I would go into it but I won't because then this email would be a book long. Ah man, I won't lie before my mission I hated conference. I thought it was boring but being on the mission I can see why its so important. 

You  know some days people will come up to us and just tear us apart. That's life's fun fact everyone because you are Mormon and because you believe in a creator people do not like you. They think you are stupid. That is where you make the stand of your faith. They say all this fancy smancy things: why there could not be a God. Well they can't prove it. It says in the Book of Mormon they can't prove it and still they can't prove it.  It is something no can prove. 

Personally i believe science and religion can go together. My good friend Brigham Young also agreed with me. He said "we accept all truth whether it  is philosophy or science or religion." What other church says that? Honestly, science can explain how but it can't explain why. People have been saying since the beginning of time we do not need a God and we are so super duper smart. Well a hundred years from now we will be smarter but I know that we all need and strive for that truth to know if there is a God and I don't think a lot of people know this but the Book of Mormon which Joseph Smith translated makes a very daring promise. 
Moroni 10 3-5 which states you will get an answer. 

In conference it talked about either Joseph was pretender. I go even farther either Jesus Christ is what he says he is, the son of God or else he is a lunatic because ordinary men don't go around saying what he did if you believe the latter then you believe a lunatic influenced the world as we currently know it. So he is what he says he is or he is something evil. Judge him by his works. You can not deny that that Joseph Smith did not establish something great and beautiful and what started as a small religion has turned into a world wide faith. 

Do the research by all means. Mormonism should have died out 200 years ago. Yet it goes forth today. Yes we have weird habits. Yes some of are beliefs are extraordinary to say the least but if we research the bible at all the correct parts even the Hebrew and Greek versions you will find we are on par with everything. 

The talk "the Blue Print for the Christ Church" testifies of this. You know one thing i found out with anti Mormon stuff is it always contradicts each other. Well my friends I ask you all to read the Book of Mormon and ask yourself could a simple farm boy write this. Its says Judge us by our works. I feel people take for granted the bofm and don't realize everything that it posses. Well ladies and gents we invite all men bond and free to come. We do not claim we are perfect. Only our doctrine is. I know this email is all over the place with challenges but I believe this to be true. You know its not what I want or what you want. Its what's true that matters. The truth is all that matters to me. If someone can prove to me that God is not there and the bofm is false awesome but till then i believe. I don't have a perfect belief but i have a small belief.  That though I can't explain everything I can't explain why I believe and at times i doubt oh yes i doubt I doubt more than most of you, I have this hope if you will that when I die that will not be the end.  That i will be reunited with my family and friends with private first class Cody Towse and give him a hug and say thank you and I love you that I can hug Brandon Curtis again. and say I am sorry and I love you and I can hug Haley Stonehocker ,Mike Crevstine, my grandpa, Dave Pickney, Logan Miller and everyone else who has gone on. i have this hope that death is not the end that though my body is gone I will move on somewhere. heaven if you will. I don't know of its surety but then again when I was atheist I didn't know of its surety either if the world has not meaning then we should of never found out it has no meaning. ( it is like have a universe with no light and creatures there for having no eyes and saying it was dark ... dark would be with out meaning). I am sorry if this email offends anyone i don't intend to . I love everyone. I know i am a inperfect person before and currently.  came on the mission to help my family and to find God. I am in the process of both. Louis Pasteur said " There are two men in each of us, the scientist who starts with a clear field and desires to rise to knowledge of nature through observation experimentation and reasoning. and the man of sentiment the man of belief the man who mourns his dead children and who alas cannot prove that he will see them again. but who believes that he will and lives in hope that man will not die like a vibrio but who feels the force inside him cannot die...... science which brings man closer to God."   Albert Einstein said science with out religion is lame and religion without science is blind. I leave you with my final thoughts. Do what I have been doing my entire mission and still do. Get on your knees and pray. You don't find God he finds you.

Love, Elder Buhler

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