Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 61: Practice What You Preach

Ni hao everyone!!! 

Well its been a funny week. Yesterday we went with our investigator to his church and they would not let us in ( it was like the singing church of rock or something) It was kinda sad cause it was because we were missionaries. I'm glad that our church invites all men to come unto Christ. So if someone wants to come to church please let them. It really shook our investigator because he thought all churches were good and his church wouldn't let us in. Honestly this made me frustrated because of the fact that it was because we were Mormon. You will rarely here me rant about this stuff but I was mad.

I am not saying I'm a super good mish or a super spiritual because I am honestly neither. I fail everyday in a lot of things but regardless i think you should practice what you preach. That's my email ladies and gentleman, practice what you preach. 

I had a good exchange with cousin Elder Mckenzie. He is a great friend and missionary. Well that's my week. 

Elder Buhler

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