Monday, July 21, 2014

Week #77 We Got to Endure...It's Worth It In The End

大家好 All is well in the Republic of China. This week has been another long week of contacting but its all good cause we have a baptism this week which is awesome.  His name is Tang and well I can't tell you a whole lot about him I am thrilled to say that he has turned his life around.  I am super happy to help  helped him turn his life around. 

We literally contacted this entire week and nothing has happened. I have been taking some heat from some of my superiors.... but I have not faltered yet!  Just kidding!!! Anyways I always thought my Chinese was pretty bad but last night I got a call from an Asian elder and we had a like 20 min conversation and then I realized it was all in Chinese. I never ever thought that could happen. I have been studying characters and grammar like a mad man so I hope by the end I can read the book of Mormon better. 

Anyways we have been focusing on member lessons because if the members trust you then everything will fall into place.  I got to meet with Brother H. and they have this room mate who is from West Africa who is fluent in 5 languages and has a masters in business and law.... and is 27 so basically the future president of West Africa. Honestly he is a super cool guy with an insane work ethic...really inspiring ahha.

We got qinged out by the members. They gave us Costco food.... it was amazing. We went on member splits which is always super duper fun. I honestly hope I finish in this area. I love it here.  Anyways for those of you who are deciding whether to serve or not and think you would hate it or not be good enough ..... I would say try it . A mission will change your life. It sometimes won't be the most enjoyable thing in the world but man it will help your life and you will help so many. Growing up I never imagined I would be here, in Tainan or even on a mission but by the grace of god I am and its going swell. I love it here. I actually don't want to go home which is ironic cause this last week was one of the hardest on my mission but it is all worth it in the end. We just got to to endure. Love you all.

Elder Buhler

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