Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week #75 Happy Birthday America!

Ni hao family!!! How is everyone doing lately?

Well, all is well in Taiwan. I'm just loving the mission!!! So Sam was not able to attend church this week so he now needs to wait another week. I still feel he will get baptized but I feel like all your prayers are really helping. 

This week has been challenging because Elder Galrura and I have dropped all our investigators except for 2 of them and have spent the entire week finding. It has not really been in our favor. We didn't hit standards so we should expect a good ol mah session from our superiors. However we are striving to be better. 

I had exchanges with Elder Kim who was Elder Cutler's MTC comp. It was good. I learned a lot from him.  He had some good suggestions to help me improve as a missionary which I feel is what I need. I am nowhere near the missionary that I want to be and I know I need to improve. I called some elders that were leaving and going home and some remarks from them were enjoy this last bit of your mission. It comes quick, enjoy the goods and the bads and to give it my all and these last six months will define my life. Also its never worth it to break the rules so some solid advice from the veterans. 

Tough US loss. I was actually teaching a English class and the theme of the day was why America is awesome and right then a little Asian boy raised his hand and in his awful accent said "the US just lost." I think part of me died however I must move forward.... Poor Beckerman.... poor Neymar. I actually kept him in my prayers. 

Last night we visited an awesome family .... ah man they made being in Taiwan worth it. The husband, a former bishop, said we need to find prepared people not people who we just you banfa baptize because they go less active. That is what we don't want. 

Anyways on the 4th of July we went to a shi tou which is just a place where you eat a lot of meat. That's pretty much our week. Elder Galura and I agreed that you got to know the reason why we celebrate 4th of July or else you miss the entire point and just BBQ and have fire works. It's like Christmas, there is a reason and a lot of people miss the point. 

It has dawned on me i have about 6 months left on my mission. I am trying to work hard and enjoy it more. I have come to love my mission even if it has humbled the fetch out of me ahhaha.  Well I love you all. Cassie stay safe out in ... that place. Jacob don't die of heat stroke. Go Argentina. Congrats to Trevor Isofa and Ashley Huffaker... peace.

Love, Elder Buhler

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