Monday, July 14, 2014

Week #76 Sunday was a Day of Miracles!

Dear fam bam!!!! Greetings from Zions Camp.... First off this week was rough ... morale was extremely low, but then help arrived in the form of a brown box filled with certain supplies. (We sent him a care package). It was the most timely rescue .... really though morale has been low for the last 2 weeks. We decided to drop all but two investigators and go contacting.... and man oh man is it hot as Hades out here!!! But we love it. We are working on our farmers tans. It has been worth it! 

Ah man,  anyways I got letters from the young women's of my ward. I was taken aback.  They are the last people next to a Division 1 football  coach that I thought i would receive a letter from. In it, there were three letters that all offered moral support. From Sister Crandall's "you are cool " to Sister Acors " these are the best two years." If you only knew. My favorite letter was a certain sister Katlyn Johnson who i have no idea who she is. She wrote something profound that  really helped. She said " I hope you never lose hope but if you do I hope you find it quick" .

I would be a liar and a fraud if I told you all that I have never lost hope on my mission but thankfully when I did I quickly found something to find faith and to hold on and never gave up. 

I don't know if any of you have seen Ephraim's Rescue. It's awesome. One part that I love is when Ephraim is healing the sick and a sister says " brother how do you go about doing so much good " and Ephraim replies "i try."  This statement is so simple but so profound . We all can do so much good. 

So I love the Sabbath because that's the day when miracles usually happen... and man did they. We got a family referral and another referral and we had an investigator accept  a week D goal and tang baba gets baptized in 2 weeks. Shen Bei bei showed up to church finally.  I missed my church buddy. At the beginning of the week, I would of never thought  this would happen. It was hot. We had zero lessons but like Ether 12:6 we receive no witness till after the trail of our faith. It was good. The trials are far from over but we need to have more faith. I need to follow my own advice with that. 

Its kinda funny we meet people everyday who because we are Mormons automatically hate us and think we are of the devil  just because of things on the Internet or misunderstandings people don't like us. I hate it. It really bothers me. However I feel after 9/11 a lot of people were taking shots at the faith of Islam and I feel that was a mistake. A lot of misunderstandings. 

Its sad. I  have finally come to love the mission and I only have a short time left a meager 5 and half months.  it took me so long to realize this. I did the work but I did it because I knew it was the only way to go. Now I do it cause I love it. I don't know what changed. Lately some former teammates have been telling me to just give it all these next 5 and a half months and ya know they are right.  I have seen the difference between a life with the gospel and a life without in my own life and its better with it. I hope that i can finish and make up for my stubbornness and all the times where I was more of a problem than a helper. Last night we met with members and well got lost and showed up 40 min late... We ended up 15 miles off target but hey got to explore a little. It was nice meeting these convert members. They are great people. 

Well I love you all. Congrats for Cassie coming back from Bolivia and Jacob for playing in his first college game. Good luck to Caitlin and Jared as they go to dance and soccer camps. I love you all. I hope to return better than I left.

Elder Buhler

Kirk Out

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