Monday, October 13, 2014

Week #90: General Conference was Amazing!

Dear Everyone,

This week has been awesome! First off, I want to say how amazing conference was!!! It was off the charts man!!!! So good. I felt like they all were preaching with fire, which is my favorite.

I want to share my favorite parts, which is from Thursday on. We actually teach a college class, like a legit class, and they even call me Professor Buhler. We teach English to them. It’s kinda cool.  This last week I taught them dating etiquette, which is funny, because I never went on dates. It was cool.

Friday was a national holiday for exercise and stuff which was pretty cool. We biked up this ridiculous mountain, and i was dying. I am so out of shape, it is ridiculous actually. Pretty disgusting. Then we hiked up these trails with all these whack looking spiders that make Shelob look like a puppy. Ah man, Mckray would have hated it. Then at the top, there was this cool stone path that you had to take your shoes off. It was kinda like an old school foot massage, but the thing was like crazy the more you walked on it. It hurt like crazy. It’s like life in a sense. Sometimes there is no support, and every further step you take it gets more painful and painful, but if you endure it well, all work out. I will elaborate later on that.

We had a basketball activity and man oh man was that a blast. Got a bunch of thugs in the building and when they walked in they said how weird that they felt so peaceful. Kinda cool. My comp and I balled hard!! He is a stud. His name is Lincoln Randall. He swam for BYU, but now he is with me. Super cool kid. Love him to death.

So I can't really describe to you all why I love conference, and why I think it was so awesome but it was. I loved it all. I love conference and how it has really influenced me a lot on my mission. Before my mission, I hated it. Now I have really grown to love it, ya know? I loved the Swedish guy who just told me to shut up and work out. Ahhah! Super duper funny! I really enjoyed Elder Ballard’s talk, and Elder Bednar. Ah man, it was all so good. I can't really write a lot right now. I will finish writing my full letter on Wednesday. Today we only get an hour because we have temple trip this week, but Wednesday I will finish.

Love you all. Bye.

Elder Buhler

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