Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week #90 Part B....Elder Buhler's Talks About Families and Temples....

Dear Everyone:

So today I got to go to the temple. Now for those of you who know me, you know that I was at first not the biggest fan of the temple, because I did not understand it all. However, now I love the temple. It is super peaceful. I actually get a lot of thinking done in there. I feel so calm that I can almost feel like something is there with me. So today was kinda cool. I got to watch sealings. This is when married people are sealed for all eternity. It was interesting. I have never really been a marriage kinda person. I kinda view it all as beyond me in a sense. This last week, I think in a sense, I am excited about marriage. Not for anything that you all might be thinking, but more for the idea of being a parent and a father. You all might be thinking, "Wait, aren't your parents getting a divorce?" Yes, they are, but that does not mean they have not done a good job parenting. I think with what they had, they did a fine job.  I am excited to be a parent, because my dad was the best dad for me, and i want to be like him. I know that sounds cheesy, but that's how I feel, and my mom is such a great mom. I wanna marry a girl like her. Plus idk, I think it would be cool to find someone you loved and be sealed for time and all eternity. That's my opinion, and it is cool to see people do that in the temple.

The talk is about a asian military officer who when questioned by the prophet, tells him that he will likely be kicked out of his home and banished and ridiculed, all because he joined the church, and then the prophet says it will be difficult will it not? The officer looks at him and says, well its true isn't it? BAM! Conviction . I don't have that conviction. I pray someday I do. I don't really have any where near that but I hope someday I do. You may be ridiculed because of standing up for something you believe in, or the church, or for something you know to be true. You face armies or even your own parents who disagree with what you say. All I can say is that the wicked or even the misled or even the lost do not like the truth because the truth hurts. it always does. Finding out on the mission that what I had believed before was not true and not what I truly believed hurt. Finding out that so and so in my 10 grade year did like me hurt . Finding out that I did not make grades to transfer to a higher school hurt, but it was the truth. Learning that my parents were getting a divorce hurt, but it was the truth.  You will be ridiculed . People will make fun of you for what you believe. They will say 50 million people do it they all can't be wrong, but Elder Nelson says, yes they can all be wrong, very, very, wrong. They will say the world is different, but we must remember we are not of the world, we are different. We are Mormons. Our standards tend to be a little bit higher. We are not better than them, we are just different. When you are getting yelled at by some people for your beliefs or when your parent is telling you divorce is valid, and telling you that you are wrong, or when your entire world is crumbling down. Stand firm in what you know to be true, and if not, then stand firm in what you believe. Remember, its true isn't it? Then thats all that matters.

I bear my testimony that this is true, I believe that this church true, and there is a God who loves us, and that marriage, though changed by man, and laws, and policies, is ordained of God from the beginning, and is intended for the eternities. One thing that has comforted me since day one of my mission, has been in preach my gospel about the Atonement. The Atonement makes it possible that in the next life all our losses will be made up. That it will be fixed. So take it. Perfection does not come in this life, only in the next life. I bear you this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Buhler

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