Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week #94: Elder Buhler Shares His Testimony of Joseph Smith. He Has No Food but He Loves His Companion

Dear family and friends:

This week had a crazy activity where we invited literally everyone we knew and watched the Joseph Smith movie which was pretty cool.  Most people have never seen it, and at the end of it I played "Praise to the Man"  and the congregation sang it. So thank you Tracy Young for teaching how to play the piano. It was beautiful. I think everyone should go watch it.  Its truly an amazing movie. I think a lot of people should realize Joseph Smith really did something amazing. The things he did are simply amazing and not many people realize this. Also to make a point he was tarred and feathered  and not once during all the trials did he ever say "OK, uncle. I give up. I made it up." 

All his closest friends left and his life was just falling apart but not once did the guy say I made it up. and then above all he died for it  which is crazy. I feel people who think the BOM is just something made up should actually read it and see the utter complexity of the entire thing. Its truly a beautiful book. 

Well for the rest of the week. we moved apartments!!! It was crazy!! We moved from our small humble abode to a huge vast kingdom apartment. I can jump rope all I want on the deck... well not anymore... the land lord chewed me out and said I can't anymore... but ya there is no food.  We have food but it is in the form of Reese's pieces ahahha but we had no food on Sunday so we ended up eating moldy bread but it was pretty good if anything it was a good weight loss thing. 

Well I got to go. I would just like to say I love my comp Elder Randall and he is a total stud  and I respect and love him. 

I would like to bear my testimony and saying that this work will go forth boldly and nobly tell everyone hears it. I would also like to say I know that families are the most important thing ever and an eternal marriage is not something to be taken lightly and if we follow the gospel nothing will ever go permanently wrong.  We just have to hold onto to the rod like this necklace which my mom gave me. It says hold to the rod. Do not look at the world in the building and keep your eyes firm on the tree ... 

I love you all

J. R. Buhler

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