Monday, November 17, 2014

Week #95: Elder Buhler Had A Great Week in a Three-Some!

Dear family and friends: 

My new companion is super cool.  His name is Elder Otte. He is an awesome missionary from Washington, just totally a great guy. Its been crazy.  I have spent the last week with the other elders in a 3 man which was a blast. This entire week I have not gone to bed until past 1 in the morning we just talk about everything. Elder Pennington is a total beast and Elder Andy is hilarious. Well ya its been a ride. We found a bunch of golden people like B for example. He is a Protestant and man oh man he has a lot of questions. He is golden we actually have a lot of people lined up for my last week of the mission. Dec 13th  so hopefully they all work out. Looking back on my mission I realize all the hard moments on my mission are some of the most beloved.  I am at the point where I even look back at the MTC with fondness haha. 

Ok my last comp dropped an article of clothing on a ledge 30 feet below and instead of being mature and going down and grabbing it we decided to maneuver the entire situation and tied 3 jump ropes together to a hook.  We just fished it up  and it was totally interesting thing. super fun. well we have had a pretty crazy week but all in all its been worth it I can' really delve it a lot of it but just know that its been great. Pray for B, H, A and A and A.

I bear you my testimony that families are ordained of God that they are eternal that they were meant that way in the beginning.  God is the same now, then, and forever. Man may change laws but he has no authority to change God's laws. I believe that God listens to our prayers and even though sometimes we fall short or realize that maybe God might not give us what he wants, the fact is He listens. Reading the Book of Mormon has been a sense of hope for me and that the primary hymns have so much meaning to me . The lyrics "Heavenly father are you really there and do you hear and answer every child's prayer."  I also love the words to" How could the Father tell the world." 

How could God do all of that I don't know how but I believe God loves and cares for us. I believe that O have a huge capacity to doubt but I have also a huge capacity to believe for without doubt there can not be belief.  I bear you my humble testimony in the name of Jesus, my brother and my friend. 


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