Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 51: Hanging Out With Elder McKenzie, My Cousin in Taiwan

1.  What is the best thing that happened this week? I spent three amazing days with my so called cousin Elder McKenzie and then Elder Terry who is from Spanish Fork.
2. What are you praying for? My Chinese to improve, baptisms, and my family and friends. 
3.  Where are you reading in the scriptures? Mosiah.

Nimen hao . 

To start off, I am with Elder Buck Walter in Donghai.

I also got a call from some where a little out of our area from a good friend so that was awesome!! It was like one of the best moments of my life. I also spent sometime with Elder Shelton before I left.  It was kinda rough but U got to spend THREE GLORIOUS DAYS WITH ELDER MCKENZIE and Terry!!! It was so so so much fun, like I have not had so much fun in my life! It was just so much fun with all these guys to be completely honest, just a ball. Elder Terry is from Spanish Fork and we know a lot of the same people!! Elder McKenzie is apparently my cousin ? 

It was kinda funny. I was talking to a investigator. He is a cop and he was telling us he twenty and I'm like you are twenty and a cop and I am twenty and missionary.  We also tried to have this lesson with this one kid but all he would talk about his breaking up with his girl friend it was ridiculous....their entire relation ship was over Skye.

Anyways I got to see Elder Noll today and Elder Robison and Edwards so that was always a pleasure. Holy cow, Jared.... you are freaking tough.  I hope you have a speedy recovery so that you can get right back into soccer. So good to hear about Spenny and Megs!! I love you all!

Jesus loves us too.

Elder Bear Cat Buhler

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