Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 52! Its Been a Year!

Hey Ni hao everyone !!! So ya I'm back in Donghai. It's already an adventure. The ward is still kinda trippin' cause this is where my popcorn fire happened. 

I met with a less active from America and it was super cool . I took a different approach and he was super open to the fact that maybe he could be wrong and there could be a God. He was way cool. 

We also met this guy named Rick. He is a buisnessman who sells propellers. He is really cool guy. He did not swear at us or scream anti Mormon stuff. We just talked apparently he knew President Uchtdorf and he just talked about how America need a strong leader and it got me really excited to just go back home and make a change. He was really cool. 

We also had a baptism yesterday. It was pretty cool. My comp and I are also climbing to the top of sky scrapers to help me get over my fear of heights so that is fun, and scary at the same time. I nearly fell the first time.  


Elder Buhler

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