Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 53: Its Been a GREAT Chinese New Year!

1. How are things going? They are going good. 
2. What is your newest missionary experience? Chinese new year!
3. What did you do for Chinese New Year? We ate a lot!
4. How are your investigators? They all went home for Chinese New Year. 

NI hao!

What's up world? Nothing new except that it's Chinese new year. Well before you ask how are the lessons going let me shut you down right there and tell you that there are no lessons going because every single one of our investigators went home for guo nian which means new year. So its been a lot of eating and studying. I have an Australian accent now or so my district tells me .

We have been eating so much. I got your guy's care package and I love it!! I feel like my Chinese is doing well. One problem i have is when i am in a group of people and they single me out and stare at me then I instantly forget all the Chinese i have learned in the past year and half but I am working on it. 

 The weirdest thing i have eaten is most likely tofu. i hate tofu so much to be honest but ya nothing much ya'll. Elder Christeanson goes home in 2 weeks so that's insane . I have served with and around him more than any missionary .See ya later.

Elder Buhler

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