Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 54: Becoming a Better MIssionary

Ni hao everyone! Finally guo nian is over! It actually has a lot of the pass over traditions. We haven't taught any lessons because everyone has been on vacation for Chinese New Year.
Recently we received a talk about being a consecrated missionary and I am excited about the idea of seeing how hard I can push my self. I read the talk "Blueprint of the Church" which I also enjoyed reading. I'm trying to think of anything cool lately. Well last night I had salsa.  We have been visiting the cancer patients and giving blessings and singing to them so that's been nice.  We also have been climbing some tall buildings. More lessons should be coming up more  cause Guo Nian is over. So ya I will keep you posted. I miss you all. I have a cool companion.

Elder Buhler

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