Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 56: Great Exchange, Great Mission Conference, Great Week

Ni hao so I get to email for an hour so I have like 15 min left so here is this.So here's my week. I  had an awesome exchange with my cousin Elder Scot McKenzie!! It was so much fun!!!  We rescued F.X's  lil bro.

Before that President is making face book missionaries and I told him to not let me do that because O honestly don't trust my self with that and I feel I could do better out side. Our golden guy  passed his interview that McKenzie  but then decided he did not want to be baptized but I am working on that. so pray for that. 

I met with this guy named Miguel who is trying to out smart us with philosophy. Little did he know I studied that too. He was like Fredrick Walsh said this and I was like but Socrates and Plato said this and he said I thought you were a physics major and I was like i do it all.... so he is super willing to learn so I love it. I actually took the lead with  the guy because he was an intelligent guy.  It was awesome. Anyways we had Bishop Stephenson come.  His son is in our mish and it was cool to hear form him.  He is actually a funny guy . He taught some really cool things about inviting people to do stuff more often and listen to the spirit.  He told us to be exactly like  Presdient Blickenstaff .

Anyways... i got to see Noll, Robson, Zani , Eoumbote an elder who knew Tyson McDaniel's. It was a good time. I honestly love seeing Elder Noll. We started talking about how Cook and Pucket were getting married and how insane that was. 


Ok so those of you who know I have been interested in either flying or doing film and so I have been praying about that and this week I ran into this business guy who looked like he might tear me apart but then i asked him what he used to do and he said he flew and I was like oh cool I wanna be a astronaut.  He was like I flew for NASA.  I test flew for NASA so we started talking and man oh man it was crazy. it was insane and so cool talking to him and then I asked him well what do you need to become a test pilot. I also spoke with Elder Wesselman about Air Force too. I would love to play for them. 

We are going to the temple on Wednesday.

 Elder Buhler

Elder on wednesday.

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