Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 55: "I'm a Mormon!"

Ni hao everyone!!!
Well this week has been a crazy one for sure!!! So I found out my MRI is going to be completely free paid for by the ROC government. So awesome!!!  I actually today swore off speaking English and signed a contract because Elder Christensen who just went home today who is from Salem Hill. I just feel no one is worth talking to in my native speak anymore hahaha. So I will speak Chinese to help improve it till i go home in December!!! Anyways Elder C and I were teaching a miracle lesson!! 7 months ago when I was last in this area Elder yang and I found this man while playing basketball and we got really close but i didn't know if this guy was ok with learning the gospel and then I moved and I was really super sad. I heard he was almost baptized and then fell through. Flash forward to this last week Elder C and I met with him and committed him to baptism. He asked straight up "Elder Buhler did you give up football to come on a mission?" and I said "ya and man do I love football." He was like taken a back. He is to be baptized in 2 weeks. Next to my first RC this guy is my favorite person ever! His family doesn't really like the church but I told him about some of my friends not agreeing wiht me leaving on a mish and I told him how my mom had the same problem but I then quoted the one and only Gordon B Hinckley and said "oh everything will work out". So ya, I'm pumped about that. I had an awesome exchange with Elder C we stayed up just talking about how this year had been with each other and how much we are going to miss each other. He gave me his jade ring and translator that has 13 different languages!!! I bought him a hobbit comic in Chinese!! To top it all off,  I accompanied him in "Abide With Me Tis Eventide!!" Jacob, brush up on the piano!! It was one of the most rewarding this to be able to play with such a great voice . It was awesome. Then last night, we watched the Joseph Smith movie with investigators. It was pretty good. i got chills listening to the sound track. So if anyone has it send it my way. I got really mad thinking about how they were abused especially in a country that was founded for religious freedom. I may not agree with everything and know everything but i would say i would stand up and say "I'm a Mormon." Well anyways I'm doing that speak only Chinese thing its hard and well pray for me!! Also two nights ago we climbed to the top of the church at night and oh man we saw the whole city. It was beautiful!!! it is one of those feelings that really rocks your soul! Pictures will come. Love you all and miss you and can't wait till I will see you all again. 

Love you all, 

Elder Buhler

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