Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 57: Investigators are Doing Great!

1. What new thing happened this week? I got a new companion

2. How are your investigators? They are all doing really well.

3. Do you have a new companion? New area? Same area, new companion.

4. What are the biggest miracles you have seen on your mission? Well I feel the change I have had in myself to be honest.

Hey ni hao everyone !!! First off, I just got made senior so I am a late bloomer!! Its been a crazy week. We have been waiting for Elder B to go home!!! Great guy!! Yesterday we went to the church and watched the Emma Smith story... wow! Honestly she is such an amazing woman. I don't care what anyone says she was so strong and I know for a fact i would not be able to go through what she did!! She is so strong!! I feel if anyone had a right to not like the church it was her. She lost everything but I feel a lot of people don't understand her !! 

Anyways... this week all of our RCS just decided to show up at church. It was insane. I was so happy. The investigator that I have been working with since last year is progressing !! 

I am so happy to have Elder Yang baptize him!! 

Lately i have been trying really hard to read in the Book of Mormon everyday and Preach My Gospel. The latter is hard for me just because its so boring but Elder Case from back home invited me to it so I love being able to follow one of his invites. 

I honestly love reading the Book of Mormon. We went to the temple this week and it was fun seeing Elder Noll and chilling with him . The new temple movie was amazing. You should all see it when you are married and ready to go but it was awesome!!! Eell hey I know that was a whole spiritual over load.

So I think something funny that I did was we went to Chili's... ah man it as a pretty penny but so worth it ... ranch dressing is so good.....  um well honestly nothing else new has happened.

I look forward to the day when i can see you all again but till then I must as they say in every Joseph Smith movie "press forward..." 

Love, Elder Buhler

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