Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 59: Another Week in the Mission Field

Well first off, congrats to my li’l brother Jacob for being the smartest person in Utah! He honestly deserves everything that is coming to him as far as success goes. He is really making SHS a better place and hopefully the world; really proud of him. Mom and dad’s genes obviously skipped a child ahhha!!

Anyways, this week has been super hard and good. Hard because we had a bunch of new rules introduced to us this week and it has been kinda hard and over whelming honestly. 

We had a baptism this week with Kyle. It was pretty cool ‘cause i found him playing basketball - completely basketball proyselyting. I found him last year with Yang and I thought I would never see him again and then bam baptized this last week! I am the Sunbeam teacher for English class and i started to teach them the Star Spangled Banner. It was pretty funny! I love the kids a ton. I played prelude a couple times this week and it was really good, so thanks mom for all the cool sheet music of hymns you sent me. They loved it and were really surprised that i could play piano. Um, nothing new. The sisters baptized a family.  There was this activity at the zone meeting about setting goals and they checked who could jump the highest and yes i did jump the highest! Um it’s been a long week signing off. 

Kirk out!

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