Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 45: Elder Buhler's First Baptism & He Made the Mission Basketball Team!


1. What exciting thing happened to you this week? I baptized.
2. Did you have transfers? What happened? Who is your new companion? Did you change areas? I'm with Elder Shelton and we are in Wufeng.
3. Did you get our packet? Were you good and did not open it???? Sister Darrington won't give it to me.
4. When are you calling us? Can we skype? Jared can't wait! I have no idea.

What's going on everyone!~!! I baptized which was so cool now. It was a wonderful experience. He came up to me afterward and told me he would remember this for the rest of his life and he talked about eternal families and stuff like that. I gave him my hymn book with my name on it because I never use it but ya it was cool. I really bonded with this family. 

So Santa does listen to letters and God answers prayers. I am comps with Elder Shelton which is almost as cool as being with Jalon, Troy, Pickles, Jake and all my boys. Its awesome.  We are in Wufeng now.  Sorry its so short I completely forget what I did this last week. The focus was getting ready for baptisms and ya it was super cool doing that. I love hearing about everyone and their various activities. Mom what on earth did you send me? They say its massive!! I said good bye to Elder Teng and Young and Jensen to day. It was kinda sad. I really loved those guys. Elder Edwards called me last night and informed me that I had made the all mission east basketball team. I was very honored ahhaah. Well love you all. 

Elder Buhler

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