Monday, December 30, 2013

Week # 48

Hey nihao everyone!!! Well I just barely talked to my family so it was so good!! Loved you all. This week has been kinda slow, some of our investigators have been not progressing but we have been working on it. I had to go on exchanges with a ZL that turned out to be one of my favorites missionaries when I say he attacks the work he really does and his invite to me was to hail mary every day which I thought was so cool. Don't punt just go for it every day. Balls out - just go. I kinda likened it to Riley Nelson. Ya know he wasn't the best QB but gosh dang it he played with heart and effort and just went off and won with whatever he had. 

I loved the Christmas package the sweater and new shirt that I’m currently wearing the socks and everything. I loved everyone’s letters so much I feel kinda of embarrassed that I took my letter so seriously but I felt like I did alright. Ya know I love the church. I love the people because they are so nice and loving and know we all make mistakes. I miss you all so much nothing much has really happened .

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