Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 46: Loving His Companionship! Ate 22 Steaks at the Mission Christmas Party All You Can Eat Steak House! Great New Area!

1. Tell us about your new area? Where is it located? Are there a lot of members in your ward? I'm in Wufeng  Taichung. 

2. How's your new companionship? Are you very busy? Oh, we are so busy it is unreal.

3. Do you know anything about calling on Christmas yet? We think we will call they day after Christmas so that's Christmas for you.

4. What was the best thing about your week? We met Lin.

5. Do you have any investigators in your new area? We have I think like 5 baptismal goals.

Ni hao everyone!!! This week I've been so happy to wake up and say  I'm on a mission. I would like to thank Elder Shelton for that. He is awesome! For me, it's like having one of my close friends from home! Well almost!! I love you all!

We ran into this guy who is the most golden guy ever. He has hair down to his stomach like Moses and he asked us what thoughts we thought Jesus had were and to explain to him about Jesus's love. He uses English like he was a knight in shining armour. He told us that we were doing a noble work which is very funny..It turns out folks that there are really people ready for the gospel.. You'd have to see it to believe it. So ya Elder Shelton and I have just been having a ball. Really. We get really inspired to work out when we listen to Ray Lewis talk about life on the mp3 player I have. Come to think of it we get inspired to work hard on the mish. I have worked freaking hard no joke. I am really trying to improve my Chinese and since I never did phase 1 Elder Shelton asked me to do it and since I love him I said ya I would . But ya I have been doing phase 1 2 and 3 all at the same time memorizing like 3 decks of cards a day.  It takes its toll.  I don't really see the results. We saw Boyd K. Packer's son.... so that was cool .We get up at like 6 to work out so we can be more healthy ,reclaim our bodies back from the mission. yep that's it for the week!

Shout out too Jessi Noll and Zach Hansen for all state! Love you all!

Elder Buhler

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